Kid Bucle, Darlyn Vlys & Rafa Siles - maculi [Trailing Records - TR001]

James Holden (Border Community)
birdcage remix is excellent, very sophisticated, really enjoyed it. thanks for sending it my way!

Timo Maas
Wont use but good tracks/mixes

Jesse Somfay (Archipel / Traum )
Birdcage remix of Maculi is truly beautiful. Such a perfect set of moods and very emotion filled and detailed. I love it!

Never Knows / Silencefiction (Untitled&After / Looq)
with the playful and mischievous surrealism of a fairie tale, Birdcage's remix evokes the tension between struggle and hope. His deep, swooning musicality is unique and untouchable.

Daniel Sanchez
nice ep! thanx for this! birdcage is my fav

Great first release, like the different remixes.full support!

Nick Warren(Way Out West / Hope)
birdcage mix for me

Triumph(Espai Music)
Great progressive package!! My fav Birdcage!! Nice atmosphere! Support!

Presslaboys (Presslab)
Birdcage remix 4 Starssss

Patriarca (Crash Music / Raydio Storm)
Error Error remix is quite nice for my sets, Birdcage remix does also a great job.

Jay Marshall (Dirty Rhythm Syndicate)
The "Siles&Moncayo Remix" is the one!!!! full support.

Joy Kitikonti (Start Records)
nice trip

Downloading on behalf of Audiojack. Feedback is not guaranteed however if they give these tracks any airplay they will usually be in touch. Thanks.

Dan Sykes (Viva music / RTE)
Birdcage remix is very good

Sascha Krohn
birdcage remix!

Cio D'Or (Prologue)
Great Birdcage Remix....Amazing sounds, beautiful!

Ivan Picazo (Espai / Cr2 / Nulogic)
Excellent first release! Amazing & hypnotic melodie!! Original & Birdcage for me!! Thanks guys & full support Rafa!!

Prudo / Alfa Romero
error error rmx here.

Ariane Blank (Shoes / Bags and Boys)
birdcage for me!!!

Tony Verdi
Support!!!Error Error for me.

Andrea Ferlin (Sleep is commer)
maculi original 4 me

YokoO (Kina / MGF)
Birdcage Remix is sounding pretty massive!

Pradip Sarkar (Mondo Electrico / PBS)
an impressive deep house number - the original

Jairo Catelo (Plastic City / Sincopat)
Full support for this guys!! thanks

Marshall(303Lovers / Hotfingers)
Great pack, original fits in my set thank you!

DJ Ottic (Alooga Media / ottic FM)
Nice one. I promise some airplay for the Siles&Moncayo remix

Oscar Aguilera (Traveling Soul)
Original & Error Error remix for me. full support!!!

Carlos Sanchez (8bit / Supernature)
birdcage rmx for me! nice one...thanks!

Peter Dundov
nice release, good remixes, original and birdcage remixworks for me.

Dame Records
nice release! my fav original 'n' Birdcage rmx, playing for sure, thanks!

Jamie Stevens (Infusion)
Wow! Birdcage rmx rocks! nice EP!

Henry Saiz (Renaissance / Bedrock)
great stuff! support

Van Hai
really like the birdcage rmx, nice release thank you!

Audio Junkies (Renaissance / AudioTherapy)
Very Nice release, full suppport

Tobi (Moonbootica)
Error Error Remix is a dirty mother!! I like. Birdcage Remix is very nice listening. thanks!

Luca Morris
Birdcage rmx for me...also original mix is nice

David Durango (Dessous / Poker Flat)
woow birdcage remix is this rmx

Marko Nastic (Easy Tiger)
like original and birdcage! thx

Michael James (Zoo Project / Monique)
Original is my favourite thanks :-)

Nils Nuernberg (Noir Music / NRK)
Birdcage mix is awesome!

Uncle Roll (Proton Radio / Kiwi Club)
Error remix and birdcage remix is good ones. ill play them!

Paulo OLarte (Diynamic / Liebe*Detail)
nice package! birdcage remix is my favourite :-)

Anderson Noise
Birdcage remix

Riyaz Khan (DiversionsRadioTronto)
Birdcage remix is tops!

Emilio Moncayo
Congratulations Trailing!Fantastic release!!...Love Birdcage remix..classical tune for the next

Cora Novoa
Birdcage remix is beautiful

Karotte (Break New Soil / Great Stuff)
I like the original.

Guido Nemola
i like birdcage rmx

John Selway (CSM)
Downloading for John Selway. thanks.

good package...birdcage rmx is my fav. thx

Re-UP (UponYou / Dissonant / Kinamus)
original sound nice. will try it out! thanks

mastiksoul (4Kenzo)
Downloading for Mastiksoul, Thank u.

Paco Osuna (mindshake / plus 8)
thank you download :)

Tsugi Mag (Tsugi Mag)
error error mix's the one for me

FARFA (Audio Esperanto / FarfaSound)
all mix are very good. really like original & error error very much!

Oscar Vazquez (Liquid Grooves)
Great EP!! nice sounds

Issac (Stripped Recordings UK / Looq)
birdcage mix & siles&moncayo mix my fav. thanks!

Alberto Sola
Congratulations about the new label!! my fav is the original one!

Danilo Vigorito (Orion Musik inc.)
nice sound...birdcage remix is so cool ;)

David Keno (Kindisch / Trapez / Keno)
sweet birdcage remix.

Thanks a lot, the mine is the original mix

DJ Meri aka Cylon
truly love this release! quality!

David Keno (Kindisch / Trapez / Keno)
sweet birdcage remix.

Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta
The whole release sounds interesting...well test. Thank you for the promo.

Alberto R.(Klot Rec / Club4)
Great work, original&Siles,Moncayo-for my!

Great! Love the atmosphere..

Saccobros (Rationalism / Unlock)
Hey thanks so much for the promo!, Original is perfect for intro.. & birdcage rmx is great finest-techno travel .

Goran Meyer
birdcage remix have nice deep sounds...!the break in siles remix are great nice filters in it...!good first

Tim Thaler (BLN.FM)
for radio play, thanks.

Denis A (DAR / Megapolis FM Moscow)
Nice tunes! For me! Thanks!

Dave Mothesole (Proton Radio)
like the og. thanks.

Javier Orduna (Resopal Schallware)
I love the Original one and the Rmx of Birdcage (realy nice melodies and beautiful rmx) and the Siles & Moncayo Rmx Too!! REaly good Techno EP!!

great work*

David Pher
Birdcage Rmx!

Manuel Perez DJ (
Will play the original for sure. Like the Siles & Moncayu remix too.Cheers.

Michel De Hey
birdcage really special remix!

WestBoy (Diynamic / Noir Music)
Really cooL! love all tracks, but only original I'll can play...thanks!

Mathias Mesteno (Upon You)
Full support for Sylv and the boys!

Darlyn Vlys (Sincopat / Get Physical)
Amazing EP :-) Congrats Rafa for the label!!

Nick Chatelain
nice vibe

Maculi (Original Mix) This is what 'techno' sounds like! Great tune.

Qzen (Permanent Vacation / Palette)
Error Error and Birdcage for me. Thx!

Rankun (Rubrik Records)
Nice one,Siles&Moncayo Remix its for me! support!

Kiko Martinez (DocePulgadas RadioS)
Great Stuff!!!

Javier Benjumea (OnlyHouseMusic)
Excellent first release! Siles & Moncayo and Birdcage are big remixes

and more...