Birdcage - "it's raining somewhere EP" [Foureal Records - FR003]

Marc Schneider (Word and Sound)
i really like the trcks.

Cio D'Or (Prologue)
it's bewitching me & i really love this Japanese influence of somewhere far beyond & the deepness in the rain song! Very lovely. I am glad!

Naohito Uchiyama(Synapse/TBHR)
nice EP! nice souds!

Robert Crouch (Untitled&After)
Thank you for the promo, I really enjoy this!

Dave Twomey (Tr_nch)
Thanks ... the Rain song is fabulous! totally incredible work man... stunning! i will chart this...

Tomi Chair (Nice&Nasty/Bellarine)
good deepness! nice atmosphere!

Rafa Siles (Trailing Records/Get Physical/Barraca Music/Weave)
fantastic work ! charted September 2010 top10!

Andrew Duke (Cognition Audio Works)
thanks much! charted August 2010 top 20!

Marc Kate aka Silencefiction (Untitled&After/Looq)
A cool tranquility like a sunset reflecting off of a still lake's surface. Perfection. DJ Sodeyama's remix gives it just a bit extra bounce and swing to be dancefloor propulsive.

Katsuhiko (Revolver/Nice&Nasty)
I can imagine a train passed through a moody atmosphere... good work!

Kubota (Nerve)
The Rain Song is just like 10 minutes sublime story...perfect!

nano graphic (Designer)
how beautiful, I can get ephemeral feelings...

Michael Johal (Untitled & After)
Somewhere Far Beyond is a nice sample of Birdcage's ambient side; The Rain Song had familiar Birdcage motifs, continuing the sound of earlier releases; nice long ambient break and a nice meditative finish..

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