Itokim - between the visible and the invisible remixed [Nice&Nasty - NANO66]

Hernan Cattaneo (Renaissance)
very good package of tracks thanks"

Laurent Garnier (F Communication)
been playing the Tomy Chair remx for a while now, Great track

Franco Cangelli (Mowar - Nowar)
thanks, the original is nice and the matt chester remix is a lovely deep detroit rework
but the pick for me here is the Birdcage remix, very intense with some idm influences. solid stuff!

Santiago Salazar (Historia y Violencia/Macro Recordings)
Thanks for this promo. I really love the dark/mysterious feel of Birdcage remix.

Edwin James//Corrugated Tunnel (Night Vision/UrbanTorque/Dance Electric)
NANO66 is a very impressive collection of different remixes. I am impressed

Rafa Siles (Trailing Records/Get Physical/Barraca Music/Weave)
James Holden 100% Style! BIG Remix!

and more...