latest live p.a. has gone public on SoundCloud page.

new remix for Kollektiv Turmstrasse 'Schwindelig' has released on Connaisseur Recordings!
it's already got many supports from John Digweed, Dubfire, Chymera, Hiroshi Watanabe aka Kaito and more!
you can check it here!!

just uploaded my latest DJ set at Air Tokyo!
you can check it here!!
enjoy :)

Birdcage's new remix work for Tomi Chair is out today.
this track is a kind of experimental electronica. hope you like it!
to check the release, click here!

Mr.Hiroshi Watanabe aka KAITO picked 'Birdcage - say a little prayer' to his latest mix CD 'Contact to the Spirits 2'.
really great mix here, I'm very honored!
check 'Contact To The Spirits 2' in Japanese

Gill Norris 'Forme (Birdcage remix)' has gone public on Soundcloud!
it is opened to everybody and free downloadable.
visit Birdcage Soundcloud page
I hope you like that!

Birdcage's new single "Untitled 22" is now on sale.
mastered by Tobias Freund at no standard studio 2, and artwork by Jody Jock.
I hope you'll like this sound and artwork. thanks.
to check the release, click here!

Birdcage's latest work "Divina Comedia (Birdcage Remix) - original by Rafa Siles & Emilio Moncayo" is now arrival!
check it!!!

Birdcage's recent DJ-mix works had updated. one is presented by Sanfrancisco's label, Untitled & After as a podcast. you can listen and download it here.
other is deep, heavy and minimal mix provided for Tokyo's label, Foureal records. please check it at here.

Birdcage's new single "Candlelight Fantasia" is now on sale!
you can see feedbacks from DJ-s and musicians to this release at here.
pls check it on junodownload and so on...

Birdcage's latest DJ-mix posted to ""
now you can check and download it at

Birdcage's latest work "Detro (Birdcage's Untitled Mix) - original by Lackluster" is now on sale!
check it on beatport, junodownload and so on...

forthcoming release from Nice & Nasty is uploaded!!
now you can check it on Junodownload

birdcage's personal website now opened!!
please enjoy the site!!

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