Birdcage was born in a small town in the East around the time the new media of CD appeared in the music industry and just before the shift from analogue to digital music. Influenced by his western music loving mother he grew up steeped in the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, The Carpenters, and classical music.

While his friends were listening to rock and punk he stayed with melody and beauty, and gradually amassed a large and diverse collection of CDs and vinyl, but still he tirelessly kept searching for encounters with new music; in the process he came upon electronic dance music.

Attracted to the modern sound, innovative compositions and overwhelming groove, he was drawn to DJing. His mixes are exquisite and delicate, centred on ambient techno with melodies expressing his world view. His DJ style doesnft rely solely on grooves and is not only for the dance floor but also for home listening, attracting a wide audience.

Birdcage describes his style as eambient and melodic that expresses a deep spiritual worldf, and this is strongly backed up with his approach of freely exploring music without resting on the already massive amount of knowledge or genres which he had nurtured from a young age. In particular, mysterious and beautiful melody lines are his characteristics.

While developing his career as a DJ, like many artists he was also interested in producing original tracks. He taught himself music production and engineering, releasing his debut Ivory Tower EP on Basilic Records (France 2008). It took only two years since he started producing music to emerge onto the world dance music scene.

As well as releasing more tracks Birdcage will be handling mastering for local artists as part of a wide range of activities from his Sapporo base; and hefll always be searching for new directions and possibilities in electronic music.

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